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Orange Hair by UnknownToDeathNorLif Orange Hair :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 4 0 Gangster by UnknownToDeathNorLif Gangster :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 1 4 Grace--Blue 12-20-12 by UnknownToDeathNorLif Grace--Blue 12-20-12 :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 0 0 GLR Colorful--12-20-12 by UnknownToDeathNorLif GLR Colorful--12-20-12 :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 1 0 GLR 12-20-12 by UnknownToDeathNorLif GLR 12-20-12 :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 0 12 Red-Haired Boy 12-20-12 by UnknownToDeathNorLif Red-Haired Boy 12-20-12 :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 1 2 Quinn 12-2-12 by UnknownToDeathNorLif Quinn 12-2-12 :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 2 0 Grace 12-2-12 by UnknownToDeathNorLif Grace 12-2-12 :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 2 0 Happy Girl, 12-1-12 by UnknownToDeathNorLif Happy Girl, 12-1-12 :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 0 0 Old Style, 12-1-12 by UnknownToDeathNorLif Old Style, 12-1-12 :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 0 0 Grace, Emotional 12-1-12 by UnknownToDeathNorLif Grace, Emotional 12-1-12 :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 1 0 Cheshire Cat--11-15-12 by UnknownToDeathNorLif Cheshire Cat--11-15-12 :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 0 18 The Grin Twins Gang Manga-Updated Page by UnknownToDeathNorLif The Grin Twins Gang Manga-Updated Page :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 0 0 Emme- New Outfit! 11-3-12 by UnknownToDeathNorLif Emme- New Outfit! 11-3-12 :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 0 0 Grace Autumn by UnknownToDeathNorLif Grace Autumn :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 2 2 Grace Sketch 10-21-12 by UnknownToDeathNorLif Grace Sketch 10-21-12 :iconunknowntodeathnorlif:UnknownToDeathNorLif 0 0


Wally West by bechedor79 Wally West :iconbechedor79:bechedor79 199 28 .:ZARA:. by Dragon-of-Faith .:ZARA:. :icondragon-of-faith:Dragon-of-Faith 13 11 Archer by Elphium Archer :iconelphium:Elphium 30 12 MM: Sibling Meme 1 by TheK40 MM: Sibling Meme 1 :iconthek40:TheK40 187 76 Guided by Light by TheK40 Guided by Light :iconthek40:TheK40 305 80 Seashells by meago Seashells :iconmeago:meago 6,420 211 The Catalyst and Alan Shepard: Let it Out by meago The Catalyst and Alan Shepard: Let it Out :iconmeago:meago 2,632 162 SD Catflail by meago SD Catflail :iconmeago:meago 858 19 lemonade fullbody by meago lemonade fullbody :iconmeago:meago 9,419 241 Quinn by meago Quinn :iconmeago:meago 2,889 80 blueberry fullbody by meago blueberry fullbody :iconmeago:meago 7,665 217 Aira 2004-2013 by mishellyArt Aira 2004-2013 :iconmishellyart:mishellyArt 16 2 Kiyomi by Ludysis Kiyomi :iconludysis:Ludysis 311 0 Quiet by Amadeus555 Quiet :iconamadeus555:Amadeus555 1 1
I can't even say how great these are. If you need a professional or inspiring example this would be the place to find one! :D


First of all, I just want to say absolutely beautiful work! Your aim was to test out cross-hatching shading, and boy did you accomplish...

Beautiful! The background of pink and orange is just lovely, and really accents the roses! The roses are done wonderfully, depicted as ...

by Nippy13

What a lovely animation! I am very much into animation, and so I feel right at home with critiquing this. First, I want to say that the...

by Nippy13

Wow! Where should I start with this? Well, first of all, The hair is gorgeous! because of the way she is standing, and also the shading...


:icondragon-of-faith: :iconhappydaysarecooltoo: :iconelizabethchanel: :icongamergirl858: :iconamadeus555: :iconmizuki1992: :iconstonerose98: :iconalinalarae: :iconturqouiseink:



These are some really neat videos :D I love them! I couldn't resist, I really wanted to show you guys!

This is one is just so beautiful....:) It just sounds so gorgeous in all of these different languages, I love it! If you have the time, listen to it, it's worthwhile :D

Who doesn't love Bob Ross....? :D In an art class a while back, the teacher let us watch most of the hour long tape... A lot of kids got bored, but I was fascinated! I would like to have the tape, actually :D But anyway, I was delighted when I found this, it's amazing!

There was another one... But I forgot it because I had to chase my brother :laughing: I'll update if/when I remember! :D


Jackie Wood
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
What Higurashi Character Are You?
What Higurashi Character Are You?
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Illyasviel von Einsbern

You are Illya. Innocent and maybe even a little naive. Or so you appear. You may have a selfish, cynical, even sadistic side to you, but you don't hide it from anyone. Basically, you do what you want, but above that you will do what you must and fulfill your duty. You may be alone, even if you are unaware of it, but have managed to get by that way. Do not despair, someone will always be there to protect you, or for you to protect.

There are so many people in the world, so many ideas, how can you say we will all go to hell just because we don't believe what you do?


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